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Navigate language barriers with carefully crafted English translations of Spanish and Portuguese.


Specializing in: 

  • Spanish to English

  • Portuguese to English

  • Business 

  • Educational 

  • Financial

  • Legal

Great customer service and goes beyond for anyone in need of a translation.

“Sarah translated an immigration form for us where every single word was translated properly and promptly. With great business ethic, she was able to get the work done overnight (because it was urgent and I didn’t give her much time in advance). I’m truly grateful for all her hard work and dedication in getting my translation ready.

Sarah is very professional, has great customer service and goes beyond for anyone in need of a translation. I recommend Sarah 100% for any translation services.”
— Maria Vasquez - Vancouver, Washington

For people running into language barriers

Command respect in your business dealings. Shark Translations is committed to help you navigate language barriers and get international business done right. Whether it’s corporate training materials to ensure your staff is all on the same page, website translations to expand your audience by up to 400 million readers, or legal documents to help your family be together, Shark Translations is your go-to language resource.

You will sound like a savvy pro and impress your future clients with smooth English to get your point across and business done. You’ve got a shark on your side.

Document Translations

Fully rendered translations include thorough research, translation into English, editing, proofreading and potentially formatting. Translations can be certified and notarized for use in legal and/or immigration processes.

Summary Translations

Sometimes a general overview, or Summary Translation is the best route. If you just need to know what something says but don’t need a fully rendered translation, then the Summary Translation will get you the info you need at an affordable price. You can compare documents or get the gist boiled down into bite-sized pieces.


Make sure your content is flawless and to the point. If English isn’t your first language or if grammar and spelling are not your forte, Shark Translations will give you a fresh set of eyes to make your text smooth and polished.

Notary Public

If you need to get issues resolved via notarized documents with consulates, courts, counties, etc., Shark Translations provides mobile Notary Public services for Portuguese, Spanish and English language documents in the State of Oregon.



Extremely reliable...and is very diligent

Sarah has been translating and writing for us on many projects and for different clients of ours. She is extremely reliable, always keeps her promises and is very diligent in her work. Whenever we need translations, we get an instant reply and quick attention. We constantly recommend her to our customers and they all want to continue to work with her for their projects.
— Rolf Ritter - Founder & CEO | People As A Service
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Translation Process:

Translation Request

You send me your file to be translated along with your needs and requested information. Within 1 business day, I’ll go over it to assess its complexity.

Assessment and Quote

You will receive a detailed assessment, quote and timeline. We will go over the options to agree on the scope of work, pricing and project delivery date.

Translation Begins

Work begins with updates at intervals as needed. Be prepared to answer questions about the text to clear up any ambiguities and to edit it for the target readership.

Project Completion

Once completed, the translation is combed over with fresh eyes to ensure word choice, grammar, and spelling. Formatting to mirror the source file is performed.


Files will be sent to you via email attachment or Google drive. If requesting hard copies, you will receive a tracking number either via UPS or USPS.

Excellent work, understood our needs and delivered on time.
— Juan Jimenez - Think Build Manage, Inc.
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Full Text Translations

For files that need to be impressive for your audience. Includes research, translation, editing, proofreading and formatting. Final price depends on: subject, complexity, timeline and post-edits.
Starting at $0.13/word.
Notarized certification: $10.00.

Summary Translations

If you just need to know what something says, or compare documents, but don’t need a full written translation. You will receive a report of the main points and pertinent details, either in writing or verbally.
Starting at $0.07/word.

Editing & Proofreading

Get your text reviewed to ensure the writing is clear, cohesive and error-free. Don’t let typos stand in your way of success. Documents returned with Track Changes.
Starting at $0.05/word.

Notary Public Services

Notarizations of Portuguese, Spanish or English language documents. Required to be done in-person.
$10.00 per signature. By appointment only.

Notary Public Travel Fees

$10.00 travel charge for 97213, 97215, 97232 zip codes.
$30.00 travel charge for other zip codes within Portland city limits.
Outside Portland: $40.00/hour + $0.58 per mile of travel. Oregon only.

Get a FREE Assessment and Quote

Shark Translations will guide you to the smoothest solution whether it’s with a fully rendered translation or a simple proofreading.


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1. How much is a typical birth/death/marriage certificate?

$50 -$150, depending on whether it’s long or short form, if formatting is an issue, source file type, how many copies are needed, deadline, etc.

2. How much is it to translate a 36 page document?

I need to see it first. Send it to me and I’ll get back to you quick.

3. Can you translate an 88 page legal document by Monday?

No. You could parcel it out among different translators but you can’t ensure consistency of terminology or style which is imperative to keeping your document functional.

If you just need a portion of it translated, we can review it and narrow down the important parts, which could potentially be translated by Monday. Send it to me and tell me why you need it and what you’re looking for.

4. Can you write a letter for me?

Yes. Let me know what it needs to say, to whom and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

5. Where do you do notaries?

In the Portland metro area, by appointment.

6. Can you notarize documents in Portuguese?

Yes. Email, call or text to set up a time.

7. How are words counted?

By the number of words in the source text. Therefore you will always know your price up front before proceeding.

8. How long will it take?

Of course it depends on the text, but roughly 2,000 words/day without incurring rush surcharges.

9. What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, check payable to Shark Translations, or credit card via Swipe. Paypal as a last resort.

10. Why the name "Shark Translations"?

Sharks are the guardians of the ocean and master navigators. People are often misjudged by their lack of language skills, spelling and grammar like sharks are misunderstood as killer beasts out for your blood, when really they are flawlessly designed survivalists at the top of the food chain. Like a shark navigating the ocean, Shark Translations guides people through language barriers by conveying ideas and messages clearly, flawlessly, professionally and to the point.


Any other questions you’d like to see answered here?
Drop me a line at sarahsg @ sharktranslations . com or call/text (+1) 503.953.4397